Monday, November 06, 2006

Dr. God-complex

I never know how far back to go in the history of my relationship with Dr. GC. Let it just be said that he USED to be a pretty good doc from what I hear. Now he has retired three times and has no business practicing. Dude is totally senile. They rub his bald head and tell him how cute he is. UGH. So he storms into my office today and asks why there are so many blanks in his dictation.
Me: Well that would usually mean I couln't understand what you were saying or once again, you were shuffling pages by your mic (we have discussed this habit of his, A LOT).
DGC: No why are the AXIS I, II, and III blank.
Me: Oh. Ok. Because you didn't dictate them.
DGC: Yes I did, they were in my notes(the notes he uses to dictate from. The ones that he, and ONLY he, sees.
Me: Blank look.......Were they highlighted in the copy I gave back to you? (My indication of something not being dictated)
DGC: Yes, why didn't you type them?
Me: Because they weren't on the tape, you didn't dictate them.
DGC: The tape must have cut off and I dictated them when it was off.
Me: Weeeeellllll.......I can't type what isn't on the tape.
DGC: But, I dictated them!
Me: They're not on the tape though...
DGC: But, they were in my notes!!

Yeah. He's a jewel. Oh and I'm the stupid one.

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