Friday, April 27, 2007

Joanna Montana

Joanna Montana might be coming home from the vet hospital today. She has a bad habit of playing tag with the vehicles coming into the driveway when we come home, and Tuesday she got hit. We are so used to her getting out of the way.... Anyway, there were internal injuries and a broken hind leg and pelvic injuries. Poor baby. I have to call at 2 to see if she's coming home. I'm sure she will get lots of babying and attention, and LOVIN'!! I am pretty excited about it!!

I'm pretty sure she won't be playing tag with the cars anymore.


Picked her up at about 2:45. She is VERY sore and when I walk away, she staggers up and tries to follow me. So I have to just stay put for awhile.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Why Bother?

Sunday was Richard's birthday. Happy Birthday Love!!

I was at the store buying stuff to make him a cake and manicotti (or cheesy tubes of goodness as Hannan calls them) and I reached for some greens to make a salad to go with. Richard looks at me and asks "who's going to eat that?" I had no idea. He asks if I will eat it, and honestly, in all probability, no. Lara hates vegetables, Hannan might eat some, their girls 5 and 3 most definitely not. We will be stuffing our faces with manicotti and cake. So who have I been buying salad greens for all this time? Or was it just an attempt to ease my conscience?? Who have I been fooling??? Obviously, not Richard.


This morning was like every other morning except for one thing. I slept like a rock last night. No insomnia or hot flashes to soak the sheets with sweat(Enjuvia ROCKS), no postnasal drip waking me up coughing, no barking/howling Samson or Joanna. Richard got up at his usual time and made coffee for us. I already had lunches made, so I could sleep a few more minutes.

So why can't I keep my eyes open? Excuse me while I take my lunch early, lock my office door, and take a nap.

Ssshhhhhhhhhh. Transcriptionist sleeping. This would work better if my office were not right next to the signin/out sheet. Nurses and CNAs are very excited and vocal about leaving for lunch.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Beginning the Journey

ACT today. English and Reading, fantastic. Math and Science, UGH!! Lord, am I sure I'm supposed to be a Nurse?

Oh well, I can study and get ready to retake it again in June. I know I can do better. I got an A in Algebra, after all. I just couldn't remember how to do any of it.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Nursing Program

Hubby and I went and registered for school last Monday. I will have to go full time during the day so was required to give notice at my current job. There was no entertaining the idea of part time, or working at home. I would have been willing to do either but oh well.

I am sad at leaving my friends here at work and about giving up a career that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I am excited and terrified about starting a new career.

We want to become travel RNs.

The adventure begins..........