Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas Song meme

Fat Doctor has tagged everyone who reads her blog for this. List your five favorite Christmas songs.
mine are:

1) Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel
2) Hark the Herald Angels Sing (God and sinners reconciled! Wow, that is so huge!)
3) Silent Night.
4) Mary, Did You Know?
5) Angels We Have Heard On High.

I tag Kim at emrgiblog and Kat at Kat's Meow and you, if you read this, I tag you!

You thought I was joking when I said I was calling in dead. I wasn't. Still dead. Flaming sore throat. Ear Ache. and just finished a course of Omnicef, Tessalon Perles, and Lodrane for ear infection, bronchitis, and strep. GAH! So what is it now? Never got my flu shot as they never came in. (we signed up here at work so we wouldn't have to take precious company time off to go get one. Pshshshshshshshsh) Will post again when I ressurect. No I don't want pity, just sleep.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I had three choices today.

1: Go to work so that I would not lose the paid day off I had yesterday for Veteran's Day. Also, get paid for today.

2. Stay home in bed and get well and lose pay from Friday, Monday, and today

3. Go to the doctor exposing all the people in her waiting room to my cold germs, which by the way there is no cure for so it would just be to get a note for permission to stay in bed where I should be, lose today's pay but maintain Moday's and Friday's pay.

So I made the choice that would pay the bills. I am here at work, getting dirty looks from my coworkers, locked in my office with a can of Lysol, and not losing my pay. I took a Sudafed and the buzz should keep me going until I drive home where I can go back to bed. Tomorrow, I'm calling in dead.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I hated Government in school. I squeeked by with a D or D+. Hey, I wanted to be a wife, take care of a home and children. Let my husband tell me how to vote, I wasn't really interested. By the time I became interested, I had no idea how it all worked. Yeah, sad sad sad. Politics still looks like this to me.

Diving in to untangle it seemed impossible. Quite something that I now realize that there is corruption from all sides, not just theirs. I am entering into a time to educate myself now. I still find it dry, boring, and maybe I am just afraid to face the actual state of a World that has an unbiblical world view. It all seems so simple if "What Would Jesus Do?" were the creed that politicians followed.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Awww man!!! Dr. GC has turned into Dr. Human Being. RATS. What am I going to complain about now!!! He came into my office yesterday and said.... are you sitting down?......"You were right and I was wrong. I'm sorry." I figured I griped about him before so I needed to tell you when he was being the bigger man and apologized. Yes, I am really humbled. I'm sorry, Dr. HB.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I just signed another person's blog with my name all in caps. How self important is that? Sorry KAT! The shift lock was engaged. DOH! and I type for a living....
I love all my docs. I may have gotten off on the wrong posting foot with that last post, but really, my docs are the BEST. They are funny though, and that is what keeps this blog so interesting.

Here are some of my favorites:
Neurologist: ....he was seen by ....tch tch tch....hmmmmm...Dr. SOMEBODY!

GP: *dictates pat name*...."what the heck was that all about?!!!!"....."Ohhhhhhh, that's not good!!!!" (hahahaha he has just gotten his new digital dictation system. Don't worry, had nothing to do with a patient.)

Physiatrist: "Ms. so-and-so is NOT compliant with meds, physical therapy, or follow up visits.*in very disgusted voice* At this time I am DISCHARGING her from my care. I'll see her back........er.....*muttered under breath* when hell freezes over!"

They are delightful, and human. I love them!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Dr. God-complex

I never know how far back to go in the history of my relationship with Dr. GC. Let it just be said that he USED to be a pretty good doc from what I hear. Now he has retired three times and has no business practicing. Dude is totally senile. They rub his bald head and tell him how cute he is. UGH. So he storms into my office today and asks why there are so many blanks in his dictation.
Me: Well that would usually mean I couln't understand what you were saying or once again, you were shuffling pages by your mic (we have discussed this habit of his, A LOT).
DGC: No why are the AXIS I, II, and III blank.
Me: Oh. Ok. Because you didn't dictate them.
DGC: Yes I did, they were in my notes(the notes he uses to dictate from. The ones that he, and ONLY he, sees.
Me: Blank look.......Were they highlighted in the copy I gave back to you? (My indication of something not being dictated)
DGC: Yes, why didn't you type them?
Me: Because they weren't on the tape, you didn't dictate them.
DGC: The tape must have cut off and I dictated them when it was off.
Me: Weeeeellllll.......I can't type what isn't on the tape.
DGC: But, I dictated them!
Me: They're not on the tape though...
DGC: But, they were in my notes!!

Yeah. He's a jewel. Oh and I'm the stupid one.