Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I had three choices today.

1: Go to work so that I would not lose the paid day off I had yesterday for Veteran's Day. Also, get paid for today.

2. Stay home in bed and get well and lose pay from Friday, Monday, and today

3. Go to the doctor exposing all the people in her waiting room to my cold germs, which by the way there is no cure for so it would just be to get a note for permission to stay in bed where I should be, lose today's pay but maintain Moday's and Friday's pay.

So I made the choice that would pay the bills. I am here at work, getting dirty looks from my coworkers, locked in my office with a can of Lysol, and not losing my pay. I took a Sudafed and the buzz should keep me going until I drive home where I can go back to bed. Tomorrow, I'm calling in dead.


Kim said...

Okay, I've spent two seconds on this blog and I have to link to it! LOL!

I'm going to the Dr. GC post, that looks hilarious!

Kat said...

I'm just starting to check into what's been happening in the world after a long weekend spent relaxing with my husband, and came to see what you've been up to lately. Since you haven't posted since you were sick, I'm thinking your life's pretty full right now, with holidays and work and whatnot. I hope you're feeling better and not still under the weather, and that your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Kat