Thursday, March 22, 2007


I have been away from blogger for a loooooong time! It was a growing and learning time. I started medication, suffered severe side effects, changed medications, suffered a flare up of chronic cervical spine pain, recovered, became a closet vegetarian.

First: Started Cymbalta for depression and pain. Made me sick as a dog. Could not take the pain meds for the cervical spine pain as they were contraindicated. Ironic because that was the pain the Cymbalta was supposed to help with. Switched to Zoloft. For as long as I fought it, I think it is incredible. I am living again.

Second: Tuesday Richard emails me a recipe for mexican lasagna (it's on Martha Stewart's website) and the first thing I notice is that there's no meat in it and I get my back up. Then, wait a minute, I've been thinking about going vegetarian for some time and just not ready to commit. Maybe now's the time. Go shopping, get the stuff, go home. Cook. Eat. Delicious. Isaac says "mom, I am thinking of becoming a vegetarian". Total freakout, we're all on the same WAVE LENTH at the same time??? WOW!!

I would like to eat this way all the time, but for now will just do it as often as I can without getting my sweetheart all stressed out. baby steps.