Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I just signed another person's blog with my name all in caps. How self important is that? Sorry KAT! The shift lock was engaged. DOH! and I type for a living....
I love all my docs. I may have gotten off on the wrong posting foot with that last post, but really, my docs are the BEST. They are funny though, and that is what keeps this blog so interesting.

Here are some of my favorites:
Neurologist: ....he was seen by ....tch tch tch....hmmmmm...Dr. SOMEBODY!

GP: *dictates pat name*...."what the heck was that all about?!!!!"....."Ohhhhhhh, that's not good!!!!" (hahahaha he has just gotten his new digital dictation system. Don't worry, had nothing to do with a patient.)

Physiatrist: "Ms. so-and-so is NOT compliant with meds, physical therapy, or follow up visits.*in very disgusted voice* At this time I am DISCHARGING her from my care. I'll see her back........er.....*muttered under breath* when hell freezes over!"

They are delightful, and human. I love them!!!

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Kat said...

Hey Kim, NO PROBLEM!! Since you put my name all in caps, I just figured you liked to make everyone feel noticed. :-)

Judging from your last couple post, it sounds like you don't let your doctors bully you into believing they are all-powerful and all-knowing. (This is a good thing, as we both know there's only One who knows all.) I think it's funny--looks like your docs can't even read their own writing part of the time. It's a good thing they put their notes into verbal form for you. It keeps things clearer, and also provides you with amusement to keep your day interesting. :-)

I noted from your profile that you originally came from Southern California. What prompted the move? Was it major culture shock, or an easy adjustment? Not trying to be nosy, just interested. In Him, KAT