Monday, October 16, 2006


I have been doing a lot more lurking than actual writing on Blogger. I am here at work, and you would think I would have lots to tell (darn HIPPA laws). But when I'm not super busy, I just seem to want to read. I love all the blogs posted to the right. I am facinated by them.

ANTS MARCHING had a blog sometime back about Victorian times. She has lots of blog entries, and I read almost all of them, although I am much more a Dr. Carter fan. She stated that it was a more beautiful time. She also stated that they had Laudanum, to which I have to reply "We have Ultracet!" I do not have a pain med addiction, I will use the Ultracet anywhere to once q six months to once a week, depending on the pain at the moment. My favorite saying about Ultracet is "Yes, my neck still hurts, BUT I DON'T CARE!" It is the only thing that has worked and still allowed my to type a progress note that makes any sense. Works for me.


Kat said...

Hi Heart, you just popped by and left a nice comment on my blog, so I thought I'd return the visit and say thanks. You said we have nothing in common but Jesus and power tools, but, in my experience, just one of those is enough, let alone both!! They're both about cutting things down to size, and then building them up again better than before. I'll be back by this way again to see what other common interests may appear; you never know.

In Him,


Andrew said...

There is no one who attends RTS Jackson by that name.

Kim said...

Ultracet - ask for it by name! LOL!

Anonymous said...

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