Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My First Fondant and Wedding Cake

This is my first attempt with fondant. I had wanted to put Royal Icing snowflakes but it was way too humid here and they didn't set up in time. My two helpers, my son Isaac on the left and his friend Dusty, made the Christmas scene instead. The igloo is made of white chocolate fantasy fudge. It was for a Christmas party given by Erica and Ryan (the bride and groom below). It seems they're always the victims of my endeavors. Two days later, the snowflakes were ready.

This is my first attempt at a Wedding Cake. The bride is like a daughter. I had been wanting to attempt a wedding cake for some time, and she chose one that was not too elaborate as far as actual decoration went. When I see the picture, I can see all the mistakes I made. Compared to some other peoples' sites, I am a little embarrassed to post mine. I figure this will give me a chance to see how the cakes improve as time goes on.


Lisa E said...

Aha! Well, I'm nosing around your blog now. :-)

Great job on the cakes. Looks like a lot of work on that wedding cake...and fondant...that's something I haven't mastered too well...(covering cakes with the stuff)...

Looks like you are from Madison? I was there today delivering a piano. :-) We're out in Clinton.

Nice to meet you too.

Glenna said...

The cakes are lovely! Don't diss yourself. We all see the faults in our work. God knows I do too. Back on Halloween I made a black fondant cake with purple dots and red roses for a co-worker and even though every single person who saw it raved and went out of their way to say it was great, I still only saw the faults.

So take a deep breath, feel great about the job you did and how nice the bride and groom look and go on. The fondant cake is adorable and the wedding cake is very elegant!

Kim said...

Wow!!! That is absolutely stunning!

You do beautiful work. As a crocheter, I always see my "mistakes" but no one else would ever notice!

What a talent you have there!

kingdombabe said...

Wow I am truly impressed and even when I look very close I don't see a single mistake.

How long did that cake take you to make anyway, and what flavor was it?