Saturday, September 02, 2006

Painting Day

The rental is coming along nicely. The cat poop is all but a distant memory and faint lingering smell that the paint should finally eradicate along with the smoke that has been scrubbed off every surface that can be washed. When the carpet is taken out and the new carpet and vinyl put down, it should smell new.
Let me tell you about the neighbor across the street.
When the renters skipped out, they didn't just leave an inheritence of filth, cat poop, debris, and their baby girls toys (don't worry, they didn't leave any of their precious dope behind with the 10 containers of used cooking oil). They left 5 cats. A mama and 4 kittens. Totally wild, but I knew if they were hungry enough we could get them in a carrier to take to the shelter. The woman across the street came over and after offering us $5000 for our house (appraised at $75,000, and she was so offended when we didn't jump. NO LIE!!!) she told us she had been feeding the cats in our carport. I told her to stop. She says, "I can't watch them starve!!!" I said, "then take them home to YOUR house and feed them, or else don't look!" And, she replies, "I don't like cats!!" So, she proceeded to sneak food over every night after we went home. Needless to say, the cats would not go in the carrier as they were just not that hungry. So my best friend takes the dishes she left behind (she's a really BRIGHT lady) and walked across the street, threw the dish in her yard and shouts THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!!!! So after that, we find the dishes in the ditch in our front yard, and Lara keeps throwing the dishes in the garbage. They were nice tupperware dishes too. I guess the lady finally got tired of losing her dishes. I don't know what finally happend to the cats, we never were able to catch them.

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